Gemmy WoudBinnendijk

Gemmy is a Dutch artist. After she graduated as Goldsmith, she studied Multimedia design. In March 2016, she started photography, it changed her life.

Attracted to the light, composition, and use of color used by painters of the golden age, her great passion for painting and drawing was recovered in photography. Every photo is created with a huge investment in good preparation (sketches, story, and mood boards).

Carefully chosen color schemes within, for example, styling, set, mood, and makeup, all these ingredients make the story within the frame cohesive. This, combined with the love for humans and a strong creative urge, creates staged portraits in storytelling themes.

Born mid-seventies, Gemmy is a mother of 5 kids, an autodidact, but most of all, a sensitive and caring artist with a never-ending creative urge.